Pavel Andreev - Sputnik

Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Sputnik

Pavel Andreev is a Russian foreign affairs expert, journalist and media manager. Andreev graduated with distinction from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) and holds a master's degree in media management from the University of Westminster. Previously in diplomatic service at the Embassy of Russia in London and serving as an assistant to the official spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Andreev joined the Russian news and information agency, RIA Novosti, as its deputy UK bureau chief in 2006.

He returned to Moscow in 2008 to lead RIA Novosti's international communications projects, serving as executive director until the company's liquidation in March 2014. He also headed the work of the Valdai Discussion Club, a platform for research and dialogue between Russian and international intellectual elite. In 2011, he was behind incorporating the Valdai Club as an NGO and became executive director of the organisation.

Andreev is also a member of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy, an association of Russian foreign and security policy experts and public intellectuals. His research interests include Russian foreign policy, public diplomacy and the role of the media in the foreign policy process. Since April 2014, Andreev has served as deputy editor-in-chief of the Rossiya Segodnya International News Agency.

Pavel Andreev is the co-chairman of Sputnik presidium.

He will be speaking during Session 1.​