Founder and Managing Director

Khaled Taha

Toot for Media Solutions

Khaled Taha is the former group director of technology and new media for Al Jazeera Media Network. In 2006, he led the successful launch of Al Jazeera's English Channel, also spearheading the Al Jazeera "New Era/New Media" initiative - a digital innovation project aimed at positioning Al Jazeera at the forefront of digital media landscapes on social media, mobility and smart news systems and solutions.

Khaled is the founder of TooT for Teleco-Media Services & Solutions, a company with major achievements in providing first-to-market solutions and products on interactivity and social media integration with TV and news agencies. TooT recently developed a new concept for the "Smart Newsroom" that utilises the latest social media and digital technologies in the media and news industry.

He is one of the co-founders of the Anadolu Agency in Arabic and has served as the chairman adviser as well as the head of new media. Khaled previously held a number of senior management roles within Motorola, where he was responsible for architecting and deploying leading, cutting-edge telecommunications and multimedia solutions.

He was awarded a top 20 Chief Information Officer (CIO) awards for the year 2008.

He will be speaking during Session 2 entitled "The Impact of Technology on News Reporting".