Kamahl Santamaria

Al Jazeera English

Kamahl Santamaria is one of Al Jazeera English’s original news anchors, from when the channel launched in November 2006.

He presents hourly news bulletins, the Newshour, and the panel-discussion programme Inside Story.

Kamahl is also the host of the weekly business and economics programme Counting the Cost which examines economic issues from the position of everyday people.

Over the past 10 years, Kamahl has reported for Al Jazeera from The Philippines, Germany, Zimbabwe, South Africa, France, Dubai, and Switzerland.  He has also been the channel’s “number cruncher” for the U.S. presidential elections; a role he will reprise in later in 2016.

Born in New Zealand, Kamahl began his career as a news and sports reporter at TV3 News (now Newshub) before moving to Australia to spend three years as a business reporter and presenter for Sky News Australia, based in Melbourne.



He will be hosting session 4 entitled " Audience vs. Editor Fatigue".