Jim Boumelha

International Federation of Journalists

Jim Boumelha currently writes for scientific and consumer magazines, as well as medical and trade union magazines, on issues of media, race relations and foreign affairs. He had worked for 15 years (1975-1990) as an editor of scientific journals at Pergamon Press in Oxford, once among the world's leading publishers. Boumelha has more than 25 years of experience in magazine journalism, with a solid background in politics, economics, human rights, social justice, development and international affairs.

He has been leading the International Federation of Journalists since 2007. During his nine years as president, Boumelha has participated in scores of journalistic missions around the Arab world, including Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco, Lebanon, UAE, and Sudan, and he has participated in dozens of seminars in the region.

He has played a major role in bringing together the IFJ and the Federation of Arab Journalists through building and strengthening the work of media and journalist trade unions and associations throughout the Arab world. Boumelha has consistently represented journalists in their dealings with authorities and employers, advising them on capacity-building and media issues that range from legislation and press laws to safety and ethical issues.

He will be speaking during Session 3 entitled "Toward Mechanisms for the Protection of Journalists".