Online Editor

Barry Malone

Al Jazeera English

Barry Malone is a senior online editor with Al Jazeera English.

He started his career in music journalism before joining the Irish Times - one of the first six newspapers in the world to have a website - as a digital breaking news journalist. After some time spent out of journalism to work as a campaigner for Amnesty International and a communications officer for the United Nations, Barry joined Reuters news agency as the African Union and Ethiopia correspondent. He later worked in Uganda, Kenya and Tunisia before covering the war in Libya as part of a team that was selected as a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in 2011. He lived in Baghdad in 2012, editing coverage of Iraq after the US withdrawal.

He has written about audience and media fatigue for both Al Jazeera and Reuters.

He will be speaking during Session 4 entitled "Audience Fatigue vs Editor Fatigue".