The World Media Summit

The World Media Summit serves as an efficient platform for media organisations to communicate and pool collective wisdom for their survival and development, convening every 2-3 years. The summit was jointly initiated by Xinhua News Agency and other leading media organisations. The WMS has built up its own structure and mechanism, including the summit, the presidium and the secretariat. This year, the third World Media Summit is hosted by Al Jazeera Media Network.

WMS Presidium consists of the following members:


Al Jazeera Media Network

Al Jazeera Media Network is one of the largest media organisations in the world, with more than 4,000 highly qualified media professionals from 70 different nationalities. Established in 1996, Al Jazeera is a network of multilanguage channels and centres with over 70 bureaus worldwide.

The State of Qatar

Qatar with a population of around two million people, is located on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Arabic is the official language of the country, though English is widely spoken. As of 2007, Qatar has attained the highest per capita income in the world due to its immense oil and natural gas reserves.